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As part of our cross Canada expansion, we are seeking working relationships NOW, however, we are working on this webpage daily to show the various opportunities available. Please read on.

The Turtle Tanks Storage System is a licensed manufacturing system to make concrete septic tanks. We purpose built the EnviroMix Concrete System to support production of our concrete line of products and developed Poly Rock, a synthetic aggregate made from recycled styrofoam. Poly Rock is used for the drainfield in septic systems. We have been actively involved in septic system design, consulting, and installation services since 1989 and have enjoyed many decades of success in this industry.

We propose an ambitious plan to provide services across BC and eventually Canada with current business activity on the east coast for over ten years. To facilitate our plans moving forward, we need hardworking, skilled people (working under *Independent Contractor Agreements) that see a solid future in this industry.

Business and Implementation plans will be shared with qualified candidates.

Our websites serve specific functions: primary marketing website with 90% of our work coming from this resource. a technical website that provides information for our contractors and suppliers. personal website providing background on the CEO and various projects.

We have been expanding our products and services through representation and collaboration.

We have many opportunities available whether you are currently:

  • Not Employed,
  • Employed
  • Self-Employed

We offer financial support for any qualified candidates to become government certified to meet provincial requirements for designing, installing, and maintaining septic systems.

We appreciate your time to review this information and look forward to discussing all possibilities.

Thank you,

Jim Ripley

(250) 863-8372

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*See info on being an Independent Contractor

The Turtle Man

We have been expanding our products and services through representation and collaboration.

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